Prescient DC Northern Ireland

Specialists in developing the most innovative, professional, and flexible data centre solutions available have delivered Northern Ireland’s first commercial carrier neutral data centre.

We have sited our Northern Ireland data centre next to the GTT North (Project Kelvin) transatlantic landing station to ensure that our customers get the fastest connectivity from the UK to the USA, Canada and Europe. We have designed a highly resilient; highly secure 24/7/365 modern data centre utilising the cool temperate climate to its maximum, thereby providing annualised PUE’s of 1.15 or less.

With flexible and competitive pricing solutions, we accommodate space from quarter racks up to wholesale expanse requirements and provide power densities from 3kW to 25kW.

Any requirement can be accommodated without incident via our internal resources, and we have extended our commitment of service to you via our cherished partner group who covers areas of expertise such as software defined networking, simplified risk free migration solutions and 24/7/365 managed services.

Our data centre is more than just a building where your hardware resides. As comfortable an environment as our data centre is for your data estate, we also address the needs of the people working in our facility in terms of surroundings, comfort, and convenience.

From hot desks to permanent office space and we provide you with a place to securely store your valuable resources. With build rooms to run, install, and test your hardware, you can make certain that once the hardware is installed, it stays installed. You also get rest rooms with showers, and a comfortable kitchen to keep yourself refreshed.

Everything is provided for your convenience, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations.
We strive for a sustainable, secure, safe & economical solution tailored to your specific needs; we always deliver:

The data centre solution you can rely on, with care and integrity.

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We Are Proud Of Our


Unlike many data centres, Prescient DC prides itself on being a carrier neutral independent operator. Being carrier neutral is one of our philosophies reflecting our independent spirit. Prescient is offering our clients something that many other operators cannot: CHOICE.

Prescient DC honours and understands the commitment that you make to your clients, and we work flexibly with you and your individual requirements so you can fulfil your commitments and grow your business in partnership with us.


Since its inception, Prescient Group has focused on the financing and development of energy-efficient data centres, renewable energy, and commercial and residential real estate in our clients preferred locations.

Property Financing and Development are our core competencies, ensuring efficient design and development from start to finish using our own funds to reduce the cost to our clients.

In order to be highly efficient and agile, we maintain our core technical capability in-house, which protects your interests and reduces your budgets in collocating with us.


Prescient DC believe that no one does anything of a great measure alone. As a result, we confer with you to better understand the community that we will be working in. Our first data centre is located in a region of the world famous Giant’s Causeway; where peoples have marvelled at its wonders for centuries.

A modern age Digital Causeway has been created with Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council and Invest Northern Ireland, that now connects the Continents of North America and Europe together at record speed. Just like the ancient causeway; the digital causeway creates an ideal settlement location, where new people can locate and prosper.

Prescient Data Centres and Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council, along with the Northern Ireland Executive; Invest Northern Ireland and the Causeway Chamber of Commerce are all committed to working together to support and develop the digital causeway for the benefit of Northern Ireland and the Causeway Coast.


We are constantly looking to associate ourselves with companies who share our values, and can bring complementary products and services to the Prescient DC community.

Please contact us at if you would like to join the Prescient Data Centres community.

What Our Customers Think

  • Global systems integrator

    We have used Prescient DC in several locations now. Consistently professional and on hand to support new requirements.

    Global systems integrator
  • Global software provider

    Prescient made sure that our relocation project went without a hitch. We’re now in a much more modern secure facility and have reduced our costs considerably. Very pleased.

    Global software provider
  • NI IT Business

    Prescient DC are a pleasure to work with and are always there when we need them.

    NI IT Business