Formerly known as 5NINES, we have a reputation for operating data centres for demanding companies around the globe. It is no surprise that our facility in Northern Ireland has been built to world class standards and leads the way in flexibility, resilience, security and efficiency.

Colocation with Prescient:

The data centre solution you can trust today and every day

Our Northern Ireland data centre was designed by industry professionals with decades of experience in providing reliable, state-of-the-art, solutions from the ground up. We only select plant and equipment that has been tried and tested, meets our stringent criteria, and future-proofed to support your long term objectives

The whole facility is monitored and maintained to the highest standards, ensuring 99.999% uptime. This leaves you to free concentrate on your business, safe in the knowledge that your racks and servers are secure and continually running.

“Prescient DC are consistently professional and on hand to support new requirements.” Global Systems Integrator

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Prescient’s Northern Ireland data centre:

The local solution with world-class standards

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Our Northern Ireland colocation facility has been painstakingly built to Tier 3 concurrently maintainable standard.

In fact, every part of every critical system is designed to meet the requirements of Tier 3 (or, in most instances, exceed them).

This means that neither maintenance or an external fault could cause you a loss of power, cooling or connectivity.

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Prescient is the first commercial carrier-neutral data centre in Northern Ireland.

This enables you to select and configure your communications to suit your needs – and change them as necessary.

You could also choose to enjoy the benefit of multiple paths and multiple carriers for redundancy and resilience, or utilise different carriers for the same routes for performance comparisons.

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Whatever you want, just ask!

Prescient can offer a flexible range of options, including rack sizes, PDU types, short-term contracts, bespoke design, and support services.

And with hot desks and permanent office space, plus build rooms to run, install and test your hardware – and even a kitchen and showers to help you stay refreshed – our data centre is as comfortable for you and your staff as is it for your servers.

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Our multi-dimensional approach to data centre security provides impressive levels of protection for your data and IT.

We’ve personnel on site 24/7. The perimeter is surrounded by 3-metre-high anti-climb fencing. Our hi-def CCTV systems monitor all interior, exterior strategic locations and access points.

Biometric scanning, together with anti-passback systems and man traps, contribute to access control that is incredibly rigorous yet fast and friendly

  • On-site security personnel

    On-site personnel, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Biometric authentication

    Biometric fingerprint, face and iris scanning technology, giving your staff fast but highly secure access to your equipment.

  • Video surveillance

    Our high-definition CCTV systems monitor all interior and exterior strategic locations and access points. Video footage is retained for security purposes and to protect your hardware investment.

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Cooling is a critical factor for hosted servers, telecommunications equipment and a prerequisite for any colocation data centre worth its reputation. For consistent, reliable, high-integrity services, equipment must operate within its optimum temperature and humidity envelope at all times.

Our total mechnical system is UPS backed in an n+1 configuration for your peace of mind. Our data centres provide the most efficient and resilient designs available on the market and meet our own stringent EODC (energy optimised data centre) philosophy.

The cooling solution is designed to maintain 24ºC (+/- 2ºC) at the front of every IT rack position, and do so 24/7.

Cooling throughout the colocation data centre is via highly resilient and economical indirect evaporative and adiabatic air conditioning units in an N+1 configuration, providing ‘free cooling‘. For colocation suites we will build to your individual requirements, and have the cooling systems, margins and levels of redundancy that the customer specifies, from n to 2n resilience or greater.

Prescient DC’s cooling systems ensure your servers and co-located telecoms equipment is always operating within its optimum environmental conditions. The environment is immune to any failure in the cooling system or the electrical feeds to them.

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The electrical systems in the Prescient DC data centre are also designed to meet Tier-3 levels of reliability. Electrical power is delivered to the data centre of dual fully-redundant feeds through a resilient ring structure. Both feeds from the substation continue to operate securely and reliably even f half of the ring is lost.

If a power feed fails, automated detection systems load-shed the data centre to on-site diesel generator plant. If both power feeds fail, a full automated switchover to diesel generator backup occurs.

This switchover is regularly tested to ensure that in times of crisis, your services continue uninterrupted.

Our on-site power generation capability is more than enough to power the whole Prescient DC colocation data centre indefinitely. Twin generators to n+1 standards ensure full power performance even if one generator fails.

The on-site fuel tanks provide for 3 days continuous full load running, and contracted priority refuelling ensures emergencies. Our dedication to the efficiency of your data estate makes certain that no matter the crisis, Prescient DC is there to resourcefully manage policies and processes against known and unknown factors.

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