Prescient DC’s modern large-scale Northern Ireland data centre is unique. No other data centre in the UK offers its combination of strategic location close to the EU border, carrier neutrality and unbeatably fast connections to North America. Built to Tier-3 concurrently maintainable standard, it’s also impressively reliable, resilient, safe and secure.

Prescient DC Northern Ireland:

The first-choice data centre for a growing number of businesses

It’s the more strategic choice

We are located in the Atlantic Link Enterprise Campus, adjacent to the University of Ulster in Coleraine (and little over an hour’s drive from Belfast).

Our unique proximity to the GTT transatlantic cable landing station enables the UK’s lowest latency connections to North America at just 56ms. This is empowering growth of the digital economy, connecting both UK and international providers of IT services and cloud solutions.

As well as the many other reasons that make our Northern Ireland data centre a great choice, we are the ideal location for organisations looking to establish a UK and EU presence near to one another. We’re just 30 miles from the border and provide world-class facilities that are in step with – or ahead of – the best data centres on the UK mainland.
  • The UK’s lowest latency connections to North America

  • Enjoy presence in a world-class data centre close to the UK’s border with the EU

It’s the more reliable and resilient choice

At Prescient DC, we take extremely good care of our clients and their IT. To us, failure is not an option. It’s easy to say that, of course, so here’s the proof…

Our Northern Ireland data centre has been painstakingly built to Tier 3 concurrently maintainable standard. In fact, every part of every critical system is designed to meet the requirements of Tier 3 (or, in most instances, exceed them).

And everything critical to the smooth running of your servers and systems is configured to be incredibly resilient. In fact, external faults, maintenance or even operator error could never cause you a loss of power, cooling or connectivity.

For more details, take a look at our data centre’s key specifications using the links below.

We also follow the principles of the European Code of Conduct for Data Centre Energy Efficiency, helping us ensure that that reliable performance does not come at a high price. And we have processes and procedures equivalent to those that meet ISO 27001 and PCI DSS requirements.

Prescient DC data centre control room
  • Improve the security and reliability of your most important

  • Tier-3 standards of resilience and reliability

  • Reduce risk and reduce costs
  • Ask about our FREE IT relocation service

It’s the more comfortable choice

Prescient DC can offer a flexible range of colocation options, including rack sizes, PDU types, short-term contracts, bespoke design, and support services.

As the first commercial carrier-neutral data centre in Northern Ireland, you can select and configure your connectivity to suit your needs – and change it as necessary.

Migrating your servers and critical IT to our Northern Ireland data centre is easy, too. We’ve offer specialist support services that makes the process, swift, smooth and secure. What’s more, in certain instances, our relocation service is FREE.

What’s more, with hot desks and permanent office space, plus build rooms to run, install and test your hardware – and even a kitchen and showers to help you stay refreshed – our data centre is as comfortable for you and your staff as is it for your servers.

“Prescient DC made sure that our relocation project went without a hitch. We’re now in a much more modern secure facility and have reduced our costs considerably.” Global Software Provider

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Data hall at Prescient DC's colocation facility in Coleraine
  • 45,000 sq ft of data-centre technical space

  • HD solutions up to 25kW per rack

  • From 1 rack to 21,000 sq ft available

  • Carrier neutral with multiple carriers on site
  • Dedicated office and hot desks
  • De-box, build rooms and secure storage

  • Kitchen and shower accessible 24/7

Key specifications of our Northern Ireland data centre

Prescient DC data centre icon


Our Northern Ireland data centre opened in the spring of 2019. It is a single-storey, modern, high-quality facility with 6 data halls of 750kW (or 204 racks) each, and a total of 1,200 cabinet footprints.

  • 45,000 sq ft of net technical capacity

  • From a quarter rack to 21,000 sq ft available

  • 4.5MW across 6 x 750kW data halls

  • High-density solutions from 3.5kW to 25kW per rack

  • 3.4m floor-to-ceiling height

  • Floor loading to 14kN

Building management and maintenance

As a world-class data centre, it’s no surprise that we have put in place a state-of-the-art building management system (BMS). It brings the critical operations of the data centre together, allowing them to be carefully monitored by our expert team.

  • 24/7 building operation with personnel on-site at all times

  • Full central BMS with alarms

  • On-site facilities management team undertaking a full schedule of planned preventative maintenance programmes

Data centre security icon


Good security is an entry-level requirement for any data centre. But Prescient DC’s multi-dimensional approach to data-centre security provides especially impressive levels of protection for your data and IT.

We’ve personnel on site 24/7. The perimeter is surrounded by 3-metre-high anti-climb fencing. Our hi-def CCTV systems monitor all interior, exterior strategic locations and access points. Video footage is retained for security purposes and to protect your hardware investment.

Biometric scanning together with anti-passback systems and man traps contribute to access control that is incredibly rigorous, yet fast and friendly

  • 24/7 on-site security

  • Proximity cards access to all areas including mantrap access

  • External and internal CCTV

  • 3m anti-climb security fence to site

  • Vehicle lock to site entrance

  • Pedestrian turnstile at fence line

  • 8m sterile zone between security fence and building line or critical plant

  • Can be List X compliant

  • Intruder-detection alarms

Prescient DC fire detection icon

Fire detection and suppression

Fires in data centres are rare and we take every precaution to prevent them. But that’s not enough. So, to provide ultimate protection, we’ve a very early warning aspirating smoke detection system (VESDA) and sophisticated fire suppression system too.


  • Full 3-stage fire detection system

  • Double interlock mist fire suppression

  • Fire detection and suppression linked and managed by central BMS

Prescient DC data-centre cooling icon


Cooling is a critical factor for hosted servers and telecoms equipment, and a prerequisite for any modern colocation data centre. Prescient DC’s cooling systems ensure your IT is operating within its optimum temperature-and-humidity envelope at all times.

Cooling throughout our data centre is via highly resilient and economical indirect evaporative and adiabatic air conditioning units in an N+1 configuration, providing ‘free cooling’. It maintains 24ºC (+/- 2ºC) at the front of every IT rack position – and does so 24/7.

Colocation suites can be built to your individual requirements, and have the cooling systems, margins and levels of redundancy that you specify (from N to 2N resilience or greater).

What’s more, we make certain that your equipment is immune to any failure in the cooling system or the electrical feeds to it.

Our total mechanical system is UPS-backed in an N+1 configuration. Our data centre employs the most efficient and resilient designs available, and these meet our own stringent EODC (energy-optimised data centre) philosophy.

  • Minimum N + 1 cooling infrastructure

  • Total mechanical UPS and battery backup at N + 1

  • Total cooling infrastructure linked and managed by BMS

  • Regulated humidity

  • Designed PUE of less than 1.15

Prescient DC power icon


The electrical systems in the Prescient DC data centre meet Tier-3 levels of reliability. Electrical power is delivered to the data centre via dual fully redundant feeds in a resilient ring structure and backed by on-site generators.

The ring structure means that both feeds from the substation continue to operate fully even if half of the ring is lost.

If one power feed fails, automated detection systems load-shed the data centre to its on-site diesel generator plant. If both power feeds fail, a full automated switchover to the diesel generator backup occurs. (This switchover is regularly tested to ensure that in times of crisis, your services continue uninterrupted.)

For additional peace of mind, our on-site power generation capability is more than enough to power the whole Prescient DC colocation data centre. Twin generators to N+1 standards ensure full power performance even if one generator fails.

Our on-site fuel tanks provide for 3 days continuous full-load running. And contracted priority refuelling covers the unlikely scenario of a longer-lasting emergency.

  • Mains power supplied via 2 x 11kV incomers

  • Power-surge management

  • N+N power solution to racks

  • N+N UPS with battery backup

  • N+1 backup generators with 72-hour autonomy

  • Refuelling contracts for fuel

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Data hall at Prescient DC's colocation facility in Coleraine

Explore our data-centre colocation options

Whether you’re simply seeking rack space for a few servers or require an entire hall together with a package of managed support services, Prescient DC can meet your needs.

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Carrier-neutral connectivity with Prescient DC

Enjoy carrier-neutral connectivity

Unlike some data centres, we provide access to a range of network providers.  This gives you freedom to choose from multiple national and international low-latency, high-capacity connectivity options.

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Prescient DC engineer in the data centre

Benefit from our superior support services

Our data-centre support services are designed to meet your every need. They’re available even before your hardware is installed in our data centre as we provide a relocation service too.

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