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Support Services

Prescient Data Centres
Comprehensive Support Services

Prescient DC delivers comprehensive support services, including office space, secure storage, and build rooms, with tailored solutions in migration, managed services, SDN, and technical deployment. Our commitment to excellence ensures prompt and personalized solutions at competitive prices, from relocation projects to secure storage and managed services, backed by top-notch customer service and technical support.

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Seamless Migration and Robust Deployment Solutions

In the migration and building process, we ensure swift and hassle-free relocation and deployment of critical hardware. Our solutions encompass top industry features, exclusive benefits, and are supported by exceptional customer service, specialized technical support, and competitive pricing. Tailoring services to individual needs, we collaborate with leading consultants for efficient server logistics, managing relocations within the UK, Ireland, and internationally. Prescient DC undertake relocation and build projects ranging from a single server through to suites and entire data halls. Our services include (not limited to):

Design and management of server relocations
De-racking and re-racking of servers
Installation of new server equipment
Cable management of server equipment

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Office Space

We offer flexible space solutions for delivering and installing solutions in a secure, world-class environment, accommodating varying time needs. Whether reserved office space or hot-desk options, we prioritize your well-being and that of your colleagues and clients.

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Secure Store

We prioritize the security of your live hardware and essential components like backup hardware, tapes, cables, and test equipment. Our secure and confidential storage ensures the optimal maintenance and smooth operation of your data estate.

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Build Rooms

Our build rooms provide a space for installing, testing, and refining equipment configurations before the final installation in secure racks or private suites. Equipped with CAT5 and CAT6 connections, high-speed fibre internet, and ample power, these rooms facilitate optimal configuration and preparation.

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Technical Deployment

We excel in implementing proven deployment techniques, providing you with confidence and security during server migration to our facility. Our proactive approach involves advisory or hands-on collaboration to address critical factors, ensuring your systems operate safely in a proven, robust, and secure environment.

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Back-Up Services

Prescient Data Centres' backup service facilitates swift redeployment of your data estate during crises, minimizing interruptions. While data backup is crucial, our comprehensive solution extends to safeguarding mission-critical functions, providing peace of mind in any circumstance.

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Managed Services

We offer comprehensive services as a professional colocation provider. Collaborating with selected partners, we elevate colocation with managed services, freeing you from server management responsibilities, risks, and unexpected events.

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Prescient Data Centres offers comprehensive support services, from office space to technical deployment, with trusted partner collaborations.

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You can contact Prescient DC for a swift initial quote on colocation and connectivity at our Northern Ireland data centre using this form. We will respond as soon as we can, which is usually the same working day.