Prescient Data Centres Elevates Connectivity and Services with Newly Launched Website

Prescient Data Centres Elevates Connectivity and Services with Newly Launched Website

As we usher in the New Year, Prescient Data Centres, Northern Ireland’s leading commercial carrier-neutral data centre, has unwrapped a digital gift for its customers and the tech community at large – a revamped website that not only enhances user experience but also reinforces its standing as the sole neutral colocation operator in the region.

Prescient DC’s new website is more than just a digital face-lift; it’s a comprehensive gateway into the world of cutting-edge data solutions. From detailed insights into the data centre’s security protocols and building management information to a closer look at its advanced cooling and power solutions, the website provides a transparent view into the infrastructure that underpins its services.

The website doesn’t stop at showcasing the data centre’s physical attributes; it further encompasses the array of services Prescient offers. Colocation, connectivity, and support services take center stage, emphasizing the company’s commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its clientele. Furthermore, visitors can explore the innovative solutions Prescient provides and get acquainted with the company’s network of strategic partners. The leadership team at Prescient is also featured prominently, offering a glimpse into the driving force behind the company’s success.

Doug Friend, CEO of Prescient, underscores the company’s dedication to delivering an unparalleled experience for both existing and potential customers. “Through our new website, we clearly communicate our industry-leading services for our customers and those who are considering making Northern Ireland a home for their data,” says Friend. The commitment to transparency and excellence echoes throughout the website’s design and content.

Prescient DC stands out not only for its services but also for its strategic location within the Atlantic Link Enterprise Campus. This positioning provides stress-free access to the UK and EU, enabling low-latency connections to North America through proximity to the GTT transatlantic cable landing station and Aqua Comms cable landing. The data centre’s unique location transforms it into a pivotal hub for cloud services in the region, further solidifying its relevance in the digital infrastructure landscape.

Prescient Data Centres’ new website is more than a virtual storefront; it’s a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation, transparency, and customer satisfaction. As businesses and individuals alike consider the optimal home for their data, Prescient DC’s digital transformation sets the stage for a new era of connectivity, positioning Northern Ireland as a formidable player in the global data landscape.

To explore the full suite of services and solutions offered by Prescient Data Centres, visit their new website at

Prescient Data Centres Unveils New Website


The Northern Ireland-based data centre unveils a new website with enhanced services and solutions

Belfast, Northern Ireland – 3 January, 2024 – Prescient Data Centres (Prescient DC), Northern Ireland’s pioneer commercial carrier-neutral data centre, unveils its new website. The newly designed website features a full suite of enhanced services and solutions, bolstering its position as the only neutral colocation operator, with a facility in Northern Ireland, directly serving the region with connectivity and reach beyond.

Prescient’s new website showcases a comprehensive look at the data centre, providing details regarding the data centre’s security, safety, building management information, and cooling and power solutions. The website additionally focuses on Prescient’s services, including colocation, connectivity and support services. It also shares the company’s solutions and partners, including details about the leadership team at Prescient.

“We are committed to giving our customers, present and future, the best possible experience with Prescient Data Centres,” shares Doug Friend, CEO of Prescient. “Through our new website, we clearly communicate our industry-leading services for our customers and those who are considering making Northern Ireland a home for their data.”

Prescient Data Centres operates Northern Ireland’s first commercial carrier-neutral data centre. The company offers data centre services in the form of colocation, connectivity and other solutions to assist in reaching local, national and international digital infrastructure. Located within the Atlantic Link Enterprise Campus, Prescient DC’s world-class facility offers super-efficient and exceptionally resilient, high-security data storage.

Prescient DC’s unique location offers stress-free access to the UK and EU. Its proximity to the GTT transatlantic cable landing station in Northern Ireland enables low latency connections to North America with proximity to the Aqua Comms cable landing, also located in Northern Ireland. This strategic location allows the independent data centre to serve as a pivotal hub for cloud services in the region.

Learn more about Prescient Data Centres and experience their new website at

About Prescient Data Centres

Prescient Data Centres operate Northern Ireland’s first commercial carrier-neutral data centre. We provide colocation, connectivity and other data-centre solutions from a world-class data centre in Coleraine, conveniently located for exceptionally fast UK, EU and North American connectivity. Prescient DC’s world-class facility offers super-efficient and exceptionally resilient, high-security data storage. Built to Tier III concurrently maintainable standard, it’s also impressively reliable, resilient, safe and secure. With flexible solutions for small-scale needs to wholesale requirements, Prescient works with businesses to provide data centre services tailored to fit their needs.

Prescient DC are specialists in developing the most innovative, professional and flexible data-centre solutions. Prescient DC has a reputation for data-centre operation that meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of local, national and international clients.

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Why your business should trust Prescient Data Centres with your data and equipment

Prescient data Centres Coleraine Northern Ireland

As Northern Ireland’s first purpose-built, commercial carrier neutral data centre, Prescient Data Centres provide colocation, connectivity and other data-centre solutions to local, national and international clients. Based in Coleraine, which is just a one-hour drive from Belfast, Prescient Data Centres is known for being a safe and secure space for businesses to store their data and equipment.

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Client Spotlight: AG Paving & Building Supplies

AG Paving & Building Supplies Prescient Data Centre

Prescient Data Centres are empowering Northern Ireland’s growth in the digital economy and connecting providers of global IT Services, cloud and content delivery solutions. With ultra-low latency networks to North America and mainland Europe, Prescient provides the ideal platform for our clients who need the ultimate global connectivity solution paired with reliability, security and energy efficiency.    

AG Paving & Building Supplies (AG), a £30m turnover company with 8 sites across the UK, was established 60 years ago. The company is a renowned and respected designer, developer, manufacturer and distributor of best-in-class walling, paving and facing brick for the commercial and domestic markets across the UK and Ireland. With over 220 employees, and more than 10,000 customers, AG is a well-known business across the UK and Ireland.  

Why did AG choose to store their data at Prescient Data Centres?  

AG migrated their data to Prescient Data Centres in 2019 as they were seeking a reliable location that could store their servers and provide a hardware upgrade, making them one of the first clients to migrate their data to our data centre in Coleraine.  

Due to the nature of the company’s data infrastructure, AG opted to seek out a local data centre which met all of their stringent requirements around performance, reliability and resilience and used the migration as an opportunity to refresh their hardware. AG were reassured by the high level of security at the data centre and its purpose-built spec including state-of-the-art systems for cooling and power supply. 

The Head of IT at AG, Ethan Allen, explained that “Prescient Data Centres have made it easier for the company to store our data and has alleviated any worries which the company previously had surrounding our data storage.”  

“For security and continuity, we wanted to store our data off-site, and the location of the data centre was beneficial for AG. We wouldn’t have been as comfortable with our data being stored in mainland UK, an ocean away from our headquarters, if there were any issues we would need to attend to urgently. We were also happy to find a data centre not located in a city like London or Belfast because it meant access and parking when on-site were actually easier.” Prescient Data Centres offers ample space for customers including dedicated on-site build rooms, secure load-in bays, and a generous, highly-secure carpark. 

What are the benefits of working with Prescient Data Centre? 

Commenting on AG’s working relationship with Prescient, Ethan Allen added, “This is our fourth year working with Prescient and we have had no issues with our data storage. Previously, we would have had regular issues and outages. It would have been unthinkable to say we have not had one outage or failure in our time at Prescient four years ago, so this has been a huge benefit for us as a company. We find it very reassuring that the team is on-site to support requirements if needed and can provide access to third parties for network purposes and engineering tasks.”  

Furthermore, Prescient Data Centres provide the opportunity for clients to interact with one another, providing networking opportunities and a collaborative community through our co-working spaces and personalized approach to client relationships. 

Commenting on the ongoing partnership with AG, Chris Boorman, Business Development Manager at Prescient Data Centres said, “As the Digital Causeway for businesses of all sizes and sectors, Prescient provide the right high availability environment to leverage AI and ICT technologies by connecting them reliably to markets across the world wide web to win new customers with the fastest speeds. This empowers Northern Ireland’s growth in the digital economy, to capitalise in AI, Cloud, Global IT Services and content delivery. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with AG and providing assurances surrounding their IT equipment and data storage! “ 

Prescient Data Centres partners with Ulster University and Causeway Connections to create the ‘Digital Business Ideation’

This inaugural Digital Business Ideation, which was hosted by Prescient Data Centres and expertly facilitated by Professor Daniel Broby from Ulster University Business School in collaboration with Causeway Connections took place last month and aimed to develop an understanding of and start to improve the digital economy and boost the North Coast’s economy. It also aimed to work with students at Ulster University on the Enterprise Placement Programme, connecting students and business leaders in a unique mentoring scheme.

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Prescient Data Centres is powering a future for green data

Prescient Data Centre

As Northern Ireland businesses gear up to navigate an uncertain 2023, Northern Ireland’s only purpose-built data centre, Prescient Data Centres, have doubled-down on their commitment to providing an energy-efficient, carrier neutral data centre facility which offers flexible solutions for enterprises of all sizes and requirements. 

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Five reasons colocation makes perfect business sense

An increasing number of businesses are shifting their operations from in-house server rooms to colocation or data centre facilities. Colocation is the practice of housing privately-owned servers and networking equipment in a third-party data centre. It gives a business the opportunity to house servers on a site that provides the infrastructure and physical security to keep its deployment secure and operational all year round. The list of benefits involved with data centre colocation is an extensive one, but here are the top five…

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