Prescient data Centres Coleraine Northern Ireland

As Northern Ireland’s first purpose-built, commercial carrier neutral data centre, Prescient Data Centres provide colocation, connectivity and other data-centre solutions to local, national and international clients. Based in Coleraine, which is just a one-hour drive from Belfast, Prescient Data Centres is known for being a safe and secure space for businesses to store their data and equipment.  

Here’s why your business should trust Prescient Data Centres with your data and equipment:  

A committed data centre with continued FinTech investment  

Prescient Data Centres is part of Prescient Capital, a privately-owned investor in UK real estate, renewables and technology which works across the UK. With special interest in renewables including a 10MW solar park in Somerset, England, Prescient is particularly interested in the future of green data centres. Recently, Prescient Capital agreed a £1 billion partnership with a Leeds-based developer which is another example of the group’s continued investment across the UK. 

This financial backing has allowed Northern Ireland’s Prescient Data Centre to become an independent carrier-neutral operator which offers clients a wide range of choices which many other data centre operators cannot and offers confidence to our clients that our data centre is here to stay with plans in place for future growth.

Supported relocation and colocation options 

At Prescient Data Centres, we offer a flexible range of colocation options, including a range of rack sizes, PDU types, short-term contracts, bespoke design, and expert support services. Recently, we have provided colocation solutions to customers including financial, manufacturing and IT services companies and a growing number of cloud-service providers, leveraging the Coleraine data centre’s ultra-low PUE, carrier neutrality and the UK’s lowest-latency connections to North America. 

When supporting our clients by relocating their data to us, we provide bespoke packages that can be tailored to precise requirements and criteria, meeting your needs in relation to resilience, cooling, power and support. With such tailored packages, many clients feel as though they essentially own their own data centre which fully fits their requirements and bespoke needs, an experience that those working with larger data centres will not receive.  

Once you have arrived at the Coleraine data centre, we can support the secure relocation of your data through the use of our internal forklifts, off-load areas, and equipment to safely move your tech into the data centre. This support comes at no extra charge to our clients.  

Enjoy easy accessibility to your data  

An advantage to choosing a data centre located outside of a busy city centre, Prescient Data Centres offers free and ample parking at the door, which means our clients do not have to worry about easy access when visiting our data centre. Many of our clients having commented on this ease of access being a positive aspect of working with us they can be confident they will get the access, proximity and security needed for moving equipment or making urgent visits to their technologies stored on-site. 

Furthermore, we also offer EV charging points powered by renewable electricity for our clients who drive electric vehicles, with complementary charging available while clients work on-site. When visiting the data centre, clients can have free tea and coffee, or utilise the kitchen and independent workspaces whilst their EVs charge up.  

Choose an energy-efficient, sustainable location to store your data 

As many businesses seek to ensure they are operating within the ESG criteria, energy efficiency and renewable energy have become a key influencer for many business decisions. This is why we have doubled-down on our commitment to provide an energy-efficient, carrier neutral data centre facility which offers flexible solutions for enterprises of all sizes and requirements.  

Prescient Data Centres are proud to be powered by 100% renewable energy and are driven by the idea of Green Data now and into the future, and supporting businesses to feel confident in the sustainability of their suppliers has been a big driver in our continued success. 

Sleep easy at night knowing your data is safe and secure  

Our Coleraine data centre is purpose built to a world-class Tier III+ level of resilience, enclosed by a 3-metre-high anti-climb security fence. Clients can rest assured that the security features including full CCTV coverage and vehicle locks as well as the minimum 8M sterile zone between the security fence and the building are all maintained to protect their sensitive data and build their confidence in the security of our centre.  

We can also guarantee 100% uptime, and the team are dedicated to keeping clients’ systems running 365 days per year. Our location in a rural, low-demand geographic setting ensures we are not contributing to undue strain on local energy infrastructures, a point of contention for many data centres across Ireland which have been built too close to densely populated residential and commercial centres. 

Additionally, Prescient Data Centres are compliant with the ISO 27001 Information Security Standard. clients can be reassured that data is handled in a sensitive and responsible manner, governed by the world’s best-known standard for information security management systems (ISMS). 

Are you interested in discussing migrating your company’s data storage to Prescient Data Centres? Contact us to learn more about the custom options we offer.

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